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Career Bookseller Goes Rogue!

Hello and welcome to the Modern Alexandrian blog!

So what the heck am I doing? I swear I don't rightly know to be quite honest. All I do know is that I'm making a change. A drastic change!

I've worked in bookstores for over 15 years and have amassed a rather large collection of books. Not only that - I've moved house 14 times in the last 17 years - taking all of my possessions with me (Yes, that includes over 1,000 books!). So what am I doing now? Why is this time different?

These are all very good questions! The main reason for all of this is that I dream of traveling the world and to be able to take my work with me. I've read so many stories and blogs of others doing the same; never thinking that perhaps I could do it too. Well I'm giving it a crack! I've sold a lot of my stuff and put the rest in storage, I've said goodbye to my homeland of Melbourne, Australia and I'm about to embark on an adventure - Starting with New Zealand!

As to the nature of my business - well you've probably guessed if you're on my site - it is to become a freelance Copywriter! To combine my love of books and writing with my work seems like the logical next step in my career and I'm very excited to go on this journey - I hope you'll follow along with me!

Until next time...

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

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